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Our voluntary mentors are drawn from all walks of life. They have a wide variety of skill sets, qualifications, experience, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses, disappointments and successes to share with young people starting out on their adult life.

Our voluntary mentors have one thing in common: the personal energy, commitment and resilience to be an effective source of support to the young people who choose to participate in our mentoring programme.

Young people in the care of a local authority should have access to a source of moral support and the practical help, care and guidance that most families provide for their young ones. By families we mean mums, dads, grandparents, cousins, neighbours, family friends and other friends, community and group leaders.

Such a support network is essential but not always readily available for many reasons, particularly those leaving the care system: they can be quite isolated and vulnerable. This is where Symmetrical can help to support the work that the Local Authority do by working together to support young people in the transition into independent living.

Symmetrical’s Voluntary Mentors will be one extra source of moral support, encouragement, advice and guidance for young people leaving care who are beginning to build networks of their own.

Join us?

Symmetrical is now recruiting its first cohort of Voluntary Mentors. Would you like to join us as a Voluntary Mentor or become a Trustee on the Board?

We will be recruiting more Trustees for the Charity including young care leavers, so please let us know if you have an interest?

As we make progress we would also like to publicly acknowledge and recognise contributions from our corporate supporters.

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